If you need an Import Service to get products or documents back to you pronto then we have the perfect solution! PDX-Express partner with the world’s premium carriers and, using our expertise, experience and buying power, we have negotiated the best possible imports rates so that you don’t have to.

Our Import Service offers exceptional value for money, allowing you to speed up your business without paying a premium price!

Imports by road

If you are looking to import your shipments by road, our carriers will collect your mail, parcels and pallets from their overseas location and transport them through their integrated distribution network to bring them safely back to you. You will be able to track your shipments progress through various stages of their transportation offering you flexible tracking and peace of mind.

Imports by air

It’s now easier than ever to import shipments into the Spain from most destinations around the world. For businesses with urgent shipment requirements, air imports are the fastest way to receive goods. Book your import by express from the World and have it delivered to you in 2-3 working days or schedule a specific later date.

Imports by sea – Containers / Full / Part load

If you need to import pallets or containers back into Spain from an international destination then we offer a range of solutions. Whatever the size of your shipment, our carriers have the ability to consolidate your cargo and offer you a service to fill the Full Load of a shipping container or delivery vehicle, or to fill the Part Load. This ensures that your large shipments keep moving and are delivered to you safely, on time and at competitive prices.

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